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Package Information & Cost

All sesssions are conducted virtually

 A credit/debit card on file is required to secure an appointment

I accept credit/debit or HSA/FSA cards 

Nourish & Flourish: Get off the diet roller coaster for good with a healthy nutrition and lifestyle plan to nourish and flourish in midlife and menopause. Stop struggling and end the confusion with strategies, tools, guidance, and support with this one-month, two coaching session package. Includea a 90-minute initial health, nutrition, and lifestyle comprehensive to review your health, health goals, nutrition and lifestyle habits, make some small changes, learn the balanced meal framework plus a one-month 40-minute follow-up coaching session. You will receive the Balanced Meal Framework and your personalized healthy habits nutrition and lifestyle plan for nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, self-care, mindset, and managing hot flashes after the initial comprehensive.


Additional 40-minute coaching sessions available after completing.


Initial 90-minute health, nutrition and lifestyle comprehensive (includes Balanced Meal Framework + Healthy Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan): $275.00

One 40-minute coaching session: $150.00

Healthier You Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT): For those using their Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Medical Nutrition Therapy for lowering cholesterol and/or reducing high blood pressure. Includes one 85-minute initial health, nutrition & lifestyle assessment and 30-55-minute follow-up sessions.  Please note it is your responsibility to call Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield to verify your benefits and number of dietitian visits allowed before your initial visit. Give CPT codes 97802 (initial visit) and 97803 (follow-up visit) to the representative. 

Initial Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) 85-minute health, nutrition & lifestyle assessment includes an in-depth review of your health history, current medical condition, nutrition, eating, exercise, sleep, stress, and lifestyle habits, your goals, and then beginning some small changes to manage your health condition, along with setting goals. 

Follow-up sessions may include a variety of nutrition and lifestyle education, review of progress, strategies, guidance, support, accountability, and goal setting.

All sessions are conducted virtually, from the comfort of your home.


There are no refunds. 

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