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Virtual Nutrition Coaching



Diets that promise quick fixes can't promise sustainable change. Get off the diet roller coaster for good with a healthy nutrition and lifestyle plan for more energy, managing a healthy weight, better health, improving sleep, tackling hot flashes, curbing cravings, and reducing stress eating. Thrive in midlife, perimenopause,  and menopause. Small changes get big results!

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I provide tools, strategies, support, and guidance. I look at the whole picture of you so you feel your best, from the inside out. All sessions are conducted virtually, from the comfort of your home.

Get started with a free 15-minute inquiry call.


Nourish & Flourish 

Stop struggling, end the confusion, and feel your best in perimenopause & menopause

Get headed in the right direction with a healthy nutrition and lifestyle plan for more energy, managing a healthy weight, better health, improved sleep, curbing cravings, and tackling those pesky hot flashes. Learn how to nourish and flourish with this one month, two coaching session package. Includes a 90-minute initial health, nutrition and lifestyle comprehensive to review your health goals, health history, eating and lifestyle habits, make some small changes, and learn the Balanced Meal Framework for menopause plus a 40-minute one-month follow-up session. Includes the Balanced Meal Framework protocol and a personalized Healthy Habits Nutrition and Lifestyle plan for nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, self-care, and mindset, along with handouts to help you thrive. You deserve to feel good!  


A credit/debit card on file is required to secure an appointment. HSA/FSA cards accepted.



I am an in-network provider with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance provide medical nutrition therapy for wormen in midlife for lowering cholesterol and/or reducing blood pressure. Please call Regence BCBS before scheduling an appointment with me to verify your benefits and number of dietitian visits allowed on your plan. Please give the insurance representative CPT codes 97802 (initial dietitian visit) and 97803 (follow-up visit).

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